Wiadomości ze świata – 2017-09-14

Wiadomości ze świata – 2017-09-14

Portugalia obniża limit transakcji gotówkowych


It is forbidden to pay or receive any payment in cash equal or higher than EUR 3.000 (…)

(…) Cash payments exceeding the above-referred legal limits are punishable with a fine ranging from EUR 180 up to EUR 4.500

Wojna z gotówką w Australii


(…) Senator Leyonhjelm slammed the federal government’s war on cash, describing it as the biggest threat currently facing the freedom of everyday Australians. “This pursuit of the black economy is probably the biggest threat to our liberty of all,” Senator Leyonhjelm said.

Na koniec coś lżejszego…


(…) Kublai’s monetary policy was refreshingly straightforward and robust. If you didn’t accept his money, he would kill you.


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